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I am not re-writing the site but rather adding a new paragraph after each original topic, where I describe recent developments and adjust my earlier statements and opinions. Doing so the authenticity remains untouched and the reader does not need to scan the entire text through to find the additions.

Most additions regard such topics as building a sauna, measurements, insulation and ventilation.

I am a nonconformist and I have an anarchistic personality which together explain my tendency not to follow or accept any rules and regulations that are not based on pure common sense.

This site explains what is reasonable by common sense instead of what should be done by following current rules and regulations. Whilst pondering whether to follow the rules, it is worth keeping in mind that mold damages in constructions were nonexistent prior to the 1970 energy crisis and authority regulations followed by it. Those moldy houses were built under these same regulations.

I will continue answering the readers' questions. I will do so on the discussion board under each related topic.

We have managed to find all earlier questions from years 1997 – 2004 which work as an indicator of the sauna development trends.

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SaunaSite welcomes You to enjoy sauna knowledge provided by the world’s leading saunaexperts. These pages offer everything You need to know about sauna: the history, how it works, instructions on how to build a good sauna, not the drawings but the most the important considerations -- the why’s and how’s.

The contents of the pages can be found in INDEX.

Check out our Questions and Answers Pages. There is plenty of reading about building a sauna and about many other topics during years 1997-2005. This is not a typical FAQ. In these pages there are hundreds of authentic questions, comments and answers. These pages are worth reading. There many things are explained more detailed than in our ordinary pages.

I will answer to questions again. But only questions of principle. I will answer only to such questions, which are not explained or answered before on this site.

Tapio Yli-Kovero

auf deutsch in finnish

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