Click to see this image bigger... There is no word for laude in English. The laude is the level or the uppermost bench in the sauna, where the bathers sit when taking a sauna bath. The ancient laude was a wide platform high up over the stove and near the ceiling. It was reached by a stepladder.

There was no shower in the ancient sauna, and the bathers were sitting on a bench, when they washed themselves.

In the ancient sauna there was no need for the lower laude, because the sauna was not burning hot. The feel of warmth was regulated by throwing löyly, not by sitting higher or lower. The lower laude was an outgrowth of the heaters that heated up the sauna too hot for everyone to sit on the upper laude even without löyly. The laude had become a narrow bench.

Ancient people understood that the hot air rises up to the ceiling. The laude was built high up near the ceiling. The legs were kept on the laude.

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