When water steams up, its volume increases 1,700 times. The throwing of löyly creates an eruption: the rising steam displaces the air and draws air from below through the stove in order to fill up the vacuum.

Click to see this image bigger... The throwing of löyly forces the air to circulate and brings oxygen to the bathers. If it is not possible to adjust the ventilation, the temperature should be lowered to a level, that allows throwing of löyly. It requires a lot of stones in the stove to provide sufficient löyly-capacity. Usually there is enough oxygen in a sauna, but the standing air does not bring it all to the breathing zone. The throwing of löyly makes the air circulate and increases the oxygen available for breathing.

The Magic Stove lessens the ventilation problems, as the fan makes the air circulate much faster than it would through a heater. If there is a good stove and sufficient volume in a family sauna, it is possible to manage even without ventilation. There is always enough oxygen for the family if the air is mixed i.e. plenty of löyly is thrown. The lack of oxygen appears only when there are several sets of bathers consecutively and no air substitution. So, if you can not fix the ventilation of your sauna, make sure that you have a good stove, that enables you to throw plenty of löyly.

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